State police DO enforce truck restrictions.

I’m going to answer or give my opinions on a bunch of comments I got on the poll I conducted last week about the proposed fee for state police. See the results here. One item I wanted to address right away. It deals with the notion that State Police do not enforce local truck restrictions.

This is not true.  They do enforce local truck restrictions. From Trooper Nederostak who is the townships primary liaison to the PSP – “Under section 6121 of Title 75, PA Vehicle Code, PSP is authorized to enforce any signage the township erects so long as it is an approved Traffic Control Device.  Approved Traffic Control Devises are listed in a Federal Regulation titled “Manual on Uniform Traffic-Control Devices for Streets and Highways.”  In essence, as long as you are putting up an approved sign, we absolutely enforce it.” 

They also respond to the townships guidance in terms of where trouble spots are. We also notify them of any new restriction. Most recently, Quarry, Creamery and Schoeneck Roads. In the near future Spring Creek and Trexlertown Rd. In other words we have an excellent and responsive working relationship.

Bottom line is PSP can and do enforce. They frequently patrol numerous truck trouble spots in the township. The problem as I see it is that enforcement alone isn’t the answer. And this is no matter who our provider is. Our issues relate to the fact that warehouses were allowed to be built (by prior boards) in horrible locations. To address the issue with enforcement would requirement officers in multiple locations 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That’s just not reasonable – again, whether we use the state police or would have a local or regional police force. I believe we could spend the many millions of dollars on a local force and most residents would not notice much of a change. The state police do an excellent job.

Now the fundamental question of whether it’s fair or not is valid. But as long as we have them (paying for them or not) they do an excellent job. And as stated above they DO enforce local truck restrictions.