State police fee poll

Over the last week I conducted a poll on my Facebook page about police services and the proposed fee being considered by the Governor and others. I use Facebook polls because  the software limits votes to one per person. With it I can also reasonably check that folks who say they live in the township do. So while not scientific it’s a decent snapshot.

Here are the results:

100 people answered poll about state police over the last week. 95 were township residents.

75% of respondents felt that if Harrisburg passes a 25 dollar per resident fee requirement for local state police coverage that Lower Macungie should pay it to retain PSP coverage. (I agree)
Of the 25% that indicated we should move away from state police – 83% felt we should regionalize with a neighbor. 17% felt the township should form it’s own police force.
Of those who were township residents 75% felt that it was fair for the state to consider charging Lower Macungie. (I agree)

Of township respondents 57% felt the state police provided excellent service (ranked 5 or 4, 5 being the highest). 14% felt the state police were offering a poor level of service.


5 = Excellent level of service 1 = Poor level of service (Adds up to 92 since 5 respondents were from outside the township and 3 township respondents didn’t answer this question)

The poll wasn’t scientific but the software limits 1 vote per person (per account) and I can confirm that those who say they are residents are.
In another post I’ll address some of the comments.