Dr. Percy Dougherty, Phd. – Lehigh County Commissioner

I have worked closely over the years with Ron on Farmland Preservation issues and I find him to be a hard working, dynamic, and intelligent person who delves into the issues with great thought and analytical skills. He is genuinely interested in the good of the community. Ron will make an excellent State Representative. 


Marty Nothstein – Chair, Lehigh County Commissioners

Given the ways state government touches nearly every aspect of our lives, Ron Beitler is the kind of commonsense conservative we need in Harrisburg. His work as a township commissioner gives him a unique understanding of the needs of Pennsylvanians and how best to serve them. He’s a practical problem solver, not a career politician.


Glenn Eckhart – Lehigh County Controller 

Ron works very hard as a Township Commissioner. He’s been accessible and driven to provide services for residents of Lower Macungie. He looks for efficiency in goverment to protect your hard earned tax dollars. Ron is a problem solver and will do a great job in Harrisburg working to come up with solutions instead of being a typical Harrisburg politician. 


Mike Schware – Former Lehigh County Commissioner

For four years, Ron has focused on the concerns of residents in Lower Macungie. It would be hard to find a candidate who better understands the challenges facing Pennsylvanians. He’s ready to hit the ground running as a reformer and make an impact as a State Representative. 



Ron is endorsed by the entire Lower Macungie Twp. Board of Commissioners.

Brian Higgins – Lower Macungie Township Commissioner

I have had the honor of serving alongside Ron Beitler over the last 4 years.  He is a tireless worker who is constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of the residents of Lower Macungie.  Ron’s approach to government is what is needed in Harrisburg. He’ll be a valuable asset to the 134th District.


Rich Ward – Vice President Lower Macungie Township Commissioners

Ron is passionate when it comes to fighting for our community. He’s a wealth of knowledge regarding issues and concerns such as land preservation and property tax reform. Ron has been a person who will consider an issue from all sides before coming to a conclusion. These are qualities we need from our next State Representative. Ron does not pursue service selfishly, he serves because he believes he can help restore faith in our State Government.

Donna Wright – Lower Milford Supervisor

I’ve worked with Ron on issues concerning our Region for several years. The Southwest Lehigh Regional Plan, Farmland Preservation,  as well as addressing traffic concerns and infrastructure needs. He has the ability to consider all angles and the impact different decisions will have on us and our pocket books. For these reasons I feel he will make a terrific State Representative.

Rob Sentner – Upper Milford Supervisor

Ron has been an extremely hardworking Commissioner for residents of Lower Macungie. He’s a strong fiscal conservative with common sense. He works relentlessly for the township and will do the same for the 134th as our next State Representative.