Comments on recent article.

I wanted to comment further on this article and issue. Lower Macungie commissioners oust zoning board chairman, citing philosophical differences.

First, Bill Royer is a man I greatly respect. This was neither political nor personal. It was a hard decision for me. One of the toughest I had to make last 3 years.

But bottom line is this. Because of a recent Zoning Hearing Board decision yet another very large and very impactful shopping center is one major step closer to reality.

That development is proposed on a severely constrained and dangerous section of the bypass. A road already strained from recent development. The special exceptions and variances granted by the zoning hearing board to the developer without any acceptable justification were substantial.

Fairness is important but the scale and impacts of a project have got to be taken into account.

Again, Mr. Royer is a gentlemen. Someone I respect. But I need to make decisions based on what I think is in the best interests of the township. Not anything else. We’re at a crossroads because of poor land development decisions made by prior boards over the last decade. The zoning hearing board has to be on the same page as the rest of the township. When there are philosophical disagreements the only recourse we have is in appointments. The zoning hearing board is a totally independent body.