BOC Agenda 12/7

All township BOC meetings are available on video online. (Budget workshops also)
You can also watch all our board meetings live on Channel 66 RCN cable.

Below, is your agenda preview for the Thursday Dec. 7th Lower Macungie Twp. meeting. Board of Commissioner meetings are the formal business meetings of the township and are held every 1st and 3rd Thursday at the municipal building located at 3400 Brookside Rd.

This week, we have very few action items. We do have two interesting ongoing conversations outlined below.

First, Commercial fire inspections:
We will first have a presentation by LMFD Chief Nosal about the Knox Box aspect of the commercial fire inspection ordinance. A few weeks ago, there was a WFMZ article on the topic. I do need to say that none of the business owners interviewed who voiced concerns approached the township BOC in a formal fashion prior to approaching the media. This despite personally encouraging one particular business owner to do so. Had they, they would have had a sympathetic ear at least from my part to taking another look at some aspects of the program. Also there was some factually incorrect misinformation in the article put forth by one of the business owners. This is, in part why I requested this agenda item. I felt it was important to push back on that.

Two things to note: First, the commercial inspection program was passed by a prior board. So I’ve never voted on this subject, however as a resident and small business owner myself I did comment at the public meeting it was adopted before I was a Commissioner. You can read about that here.

Second, while I believe it’s been clearly demonstrated that installation of a Knox Box system on a commercial building makes sense for both first-responders and business owners in the case of an emergency, I do think there should be a way for business owners to opt out if they are willing to completely absolve the township and fire dept. of any liability. Again, (as a business owner myself) I think that’s the wrong decision, but individuals should have the ability to each make that decision and opt out off they choose. This is what I would like to discuss Thursday.

2018 Rate fee schedule: Last meeting we tabled approving the 2018 fee schedule since enough Commissioners (myself included) had additional questions about a staff proposed new construction permit for installing a new tub liner. I questioned whether it was necessary and asked for clarification what public concerns would be addressed. Although pitched as a revenue neutral permit, I always question new regulations and permits. 2 years ago there was a proposed new permit to install a back yard swing set. 3 Commissioners (including myself) opposed this and that new permit was rejected.

The next meeting on Dec. 21st will have many more action items and I’ll be sure to do a preview the week of.