Mitt Romney – Show the Interview free globally.

I rarely write about non-local issues. But wanted to today. Very disappointed five major theater chains decided to pull “The Interview”. While I respect their right to make a business decision in my opinion it was the wrong decision. And by doing so they told the world that you can bully the United States.

Freedom of speech and expression are some of the core principles our country is based on. This is a direct foreign attack on that freedom. Terrorism is based on fear. Without fear it doesn’t work. When we succumb to it our enemies win.

I understand America is under attack almost daily from cyber-terrorists. But to my knowledge a direct threat of violence from a foreign nation is unchartered waters. A foreign dictator directly threatened American citizens and in doing so was able to bully a private company into censorship. Scary.

So businesses made a business decision. Fine. Their right to do so. And Sony gets creamed because of it. Remember, it wasn’t their decision to pull the movie. It was the distributors who might not ever agree to screen the film. In light of that Mitt Romney offered a great alternative.

Right on Mitt!

Right on Mitt! Right on.