A Lower Mac tradition since the late 70’s! Here are the dates for Santa’s tour of the township on a Big Red Fire engine! I fondly remember the Santa tour from when I was a kid growing up in East Texas!

Photo courtesy LMFD

FYI this is a question I’ve gotten before that Chief Nosal answered the other day on the LMT facebook page. Someone asked “Why doesn’t Santa come to my development?”. Here is the answer:

 Lower Macungie Fire Department The reason the LMFD has not come thru your neighborhood with the Santa Run is traditionally we refrain from those developments that are under construction and have not been ‘turned over’ to the Twp. The philosophy is; those types of developments under construction typically have basic roads (no top coat, not flush with the manhole covers, not maintained or cared for by LMT…etc). Additionally, in those situations you also have construction equipment and/or dumpsters lining the roads and you also can find small construction debris that can potentially flatten tires, etc. With that being said, however, in you particular case I know your development has been in existence for quite some time and I made a special trip out there this morning to see how it looked. While I won’t take the trucks thru the southern portion of the development where they are actively building, I think running Santa thru the area north of the development shouldn’t be an issue. Please check our website in the next 10 days or so and we will have the specific street by street routes up. Dave Nosal – Fire Chief
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