I keep saying I’m going to devote a couple hours to ingesting everything I can about Syria. I think I’m pretty informed about alot of issues local and national. But with Syria I feel like I’m flying blind. Between work, life and local issues I haven’t devoted nearly enough time to have a strong informed position.

My gut tells me do not intervene. But I want more information before I write my Congressman with thoughts. This is an issue everyone with an opinion should weigh in on. Huge decision with consequences.

I know one thing. That is I’m pleased Congress is being given a chance to weigh in. I’d be fiercely against any unilateral authorization of military force by POTUS intervening in any situation where the direct security of the United States isn’t immediately threatened.

As for our Congressman, Charlie Dent said nothing about Syria (that I heard though I got to event a little late) at the Kutztown town hall. He did (or his staff..) started a thread solely devoted to Syria on his FB page. (sidenote I always thought it was great that Dent’s social media is very active, I applaud any politician for that) 

This morning I read local blogger Chris Casey’s piece. The aphorism he mentions at the end and in the title about the ‘road to hell being paved with good intentions’ has been stuck in my crawl all day. Can’t shake it.

Came across this chart below on CNN this morning. It’s a “How they will vote piece” Here is the information presented on PA delegation. In BOLD are local congressman including 15th district and surrounding.

Do you have strong thoughts on Syria pro-intervention or against? Let’s talk about it in the comments. I’m interested to hear different viewpoints. 

Pennsylvania 1 Brady, Robert D Undecided
Pennsylvania 2 Fattah, Chaka D Unknown
Pennsylvania 3 Kelly, Mike R Undecided Said he was happy that Congress was able to vote on Syrian intervention, in an August 31 statement, but did not indicate how he would vote.
Pennsylvania 4 Perry, Scott R Undecided Perry chided the Obama administration in a local interview, but did no outright say he would not support the proposed intervention.
Pennsylvania 5 Thompson, Glenn W. R Unknown
Pennsylvania 6 Gerlach, Jim R No August 28 statement: “I believe the President’s use of military force in that country is not appropriate.”
Pennsylvania 7 Meehan, Pat R Unknown
Pennsylvania 8 Fitzpatrick, Michael G. R Undecided In an interview with CNN, he said “The resolution is overly broad.”
Pennsylvania 9 Shuster, Bill R Unknown
Pennsylvania 10 Marino, Tom R No I am absolutely opposed to any intervention in Syria at this time, she said in an August 27 statement.
Pennsylvania 11 Barletta, Lou R Undecided At an August 29 town hall, Barletta discussed Syria but didn’t indicate how he would vote.
Pennsylvania 12 Rothfus, Keith R Undecided Said he was happy Congress was able to vote on Syrian intervention in an August 31 statement, but didn’t indicate how he would vote.
Pennsylvania 13 Schwartz, Allyson Y. D Undecided Posted a statement on Facebook about Syria, but did not indicate how she would vote.
Pennsylvania 14 Doyle, Mike D Undecided In an August 31 interview with a local newspaper: “The president should have the chance to make the case to Congress as well as the American people.”
Pennsylvania 15 Dent, Charles W. R Undecided In a skeptical statement to a local newspaper, he said “there are no good policy options for the United States in Syria.”
Pennsylvania 16 Pitts, Joseph R. R Undecided Pitts is one of many congressmen who penned a letter to Obama and asked for congressional approval.
Pennsylvania 17 Cartwright, Matthew D Unknown
Pennsylvania 18 Murphy, Tim R Unknown