2016 – Millage/Homestead by the numbers

*Relating to 2016 proposed budget – Under the proposed .50 millage and 50% homestead – By the numbers.

Of 11,610 households in Lower Macungie:
Around 90% of all households will see an overall reduction in their property tax bill over the last two years since homestead program began.
(10,052 households)

About 50% of households will see tax bill reductions two years in a row.
(5894 households)

Approximately 10% of households will have a 0 dollar LMT property tax bill.
(1095 households)

About 9% (only those over about 345,000 assessed value) will see a small net increase since homestead enacted.
*%’s rounded & with assumption that 100% enrolls in homestead program.
**Household statistics from Lehigh County assessment office.

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Less taxpayer subsidies for warehouses.
So while 90% of households will pay less twp. taxes in 2016 then they were in 2014, Industrial warehouses which cause massively expensive township liabilities will pay a more proportionate share.

2014 Warehouse assessed at 24,000,0000 paid – $8000
2016 Warehouse assessed at 24,000,000 will pay – $12,000

Still far under the valley average, but a more proportionate share in line with impacts. Better positioning the township to deal with issues such as traffic, stormwater management and potential (should we have to) new police force.

2016 proposed budget LMT & meeting schedule.

Right off the bat: The budget contains 3.3 Million dollars for Astroturf fields at Quarry Park.  This is a carry over from 2015 since the money has not yet been spent.

This will certainly be an issue moving forward. I do not support carrying over this money into the 2016 budget. This will be dissected and debated over the course of the next month and a half. I opposed the original allocation during budget talks last year. Link here: Two Lower Macungie Commissioners oppose budget with controversial artificial turf project

More than any other level of government at the local level residents have the opportunity to shape the conversation. And I want to hear from you.

Over the next 2 months the budget will be examined in detail over the course of 3 or more public meetings specifically devoted to the task. Certainly items will be cut others added. During the course of the public workshops township departments and organizations and grantees like the library and LMYA will defend budget requests. Commissioners will debate the proposal line by line.

Here is the 2016 proposed budget.

*NOTE this is put together by staff and is a yearly “starting point”. The budget will be examined in detail over the course of 3 (or more) public meetings specifically devoted to the task. Individual Commissioner review began last week. I will post more when I have time to digest. Items will be cut. Others will be added. During the course of the 3 workshops the various township departments and community organizations (For ex. the library and LMYA) will defend requests. All meetings are public. 

Here is the budget workshop schedule.

What do you think? Questions? Thoughts on the proposal?
Email me at Ronbeitler@gmail.com

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