Lehigh County

Focus of this blog is Local Land use & Smart Growth issues with a focus on the East Penn Area. Occasionally I’ll write thoughts on unrelated Lehigh County issues. County Gov’t is often referred to as the “forgotten” level of gov’t.

I try to attend County meetings as often as time allows. I usually will post thoughts. Archive of these posts here. I’ll also post interesting content from other local blogs (with attribution) that I think folks might be interested.

2/12/15 Lehigh County at-large races shaping up. 3 Democrats annouce along with 3 incumbents and newcomer Marty Nothstein

12/8/14 Lehigh County gets proactive by moving new hires to new tier in 2015 

1/23/14 County BOC directs administration to remove County as agent for Unions

1/23/14 Which Gov’t will take ownership of Homeless issue?