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Born and raised in Lower Macungie Township in the village of East Texas. B.A. in Political Science from Slippery Rock University. Co-owner of Bar None Weddings & Entertainment. I love and care about my hometown and frequently blog about local issues that I think are important.

Delegate letter in support of Gov. Kasich

Efforts to persuade delegates should be done in public and consist of information. Nothing else. Arguments made should also be made to the general public. To that end, here is a letter I sent to uncommitted delegate candidates in the 15th.

I believe a strong case can be made for my candidate based on #factsnotattacks. Once you get past rhetoric, negativity, pavlovian talking points and sloganizing of primary season and begin to dig down, one Republican candidate stands out leaps and bounds as the adult in the room. That’s Gov. Kasich.

I’ll also say I appreciate delegate candidates like Robert Smith and Dean Browning who maintain open dialogue on social media. I’ve seen a number of candidates go the extra mile across the state. Much appreciated. Also thanks to fellow Kasich supporter Melissa Anderson for working together with me on this letter. Responses to this letter influence who I support tomorrow. Being a part of a democracy means doing homework. This was my homework.


April 24, 2016

(Delegate candidate):

Congratulations on your selection to appear on the 2016 Republican Primary Ballot for the 15th Congressional District.  As a registered Republican voter in this district, I write to inquire about your candidate affiliation for the 2016 Republican Convention. 

Who do you intend to support on the first ballot of the Convention? As a voter I am okay with a pledge to support whoever wins the district during the first round of voting. After that however, I am also ok with delegates voting their conscience. 

My question is this: If you can not vote for that candidate, if that candidate becomes invalid or unrealistic in subsequent rounds of voting – who then would be your second and third choices?

How would you rank Gov. Kasich, Donald Trump and Sen. Cruz? Are there any of the three you would not vote for. Who is your personal preference?

I support Gov. John Kasich to be our nominee for 2016 and have included some material for you to review.  I support Gov. Kasich because:

  • Gov. Kasich has the experience to lead America and govern as President on Day 1
    • Served 18 years in the U.S. House of Representatives, including 18 years on the House Armed Services Committee and as House Budget Chairman
    • Elected twice as the Governor of Ohio
    • Served 4 years in the Ohio with a 60%+ approval rating.
  • He has a successful track record solving the issues confronting Americans today
    • Balanced Federal Budget
    • Cut taxes by $5,000,000,000 in Ohio
    • Eliminated $8,000,000,000 budget shortfall and created $2,000,000,000 surplus in Ohio
    • Created over 400,000 jobs in Ohio
    • Spearheaded a program in OH giving small business owners a 75% reduction in earned income taxes. This deduction is the centerpiece of a major tax reform package initiated by Ohio Governor John Kasich. *As a small business owner myself this is a very important measurable result to see. 
    • Supports and protects those most vulnerable in society including the unborn, the mentally ill, and addicted
    • Committed to ensuring our children grow up in an environment of optimism and opportunity
  • He can win in a general election against Sen. Clinton.  He can deliver a Republican win in Ohio.
    • Won Ohio Primary.  Reelected as governor there in 2014 winning 86/88 voting districts.
      Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.14.46 PM

There are many false rumors, outright lies and misconceptions circulated by others regarding John Kasich. I would like to correct those:

“Gov. Kasich accepted money from George Soros.”  FALSE.

Gov. Kasich has never accepted money from George Soros.
This outright lie which has been spread by competing campaigns has been debunked and disproven over many outlets time and time again.

“Gov. Kasich supports Obamacare/ACA.”  FALSE.

Gov. Kasich does not support Obamacare/ACAHe opposes it.  In fact, he sued the federal government to block it, rejected a state exchange, rejected a federal takeover of Ohio’s insurance regulations, and rejected a federal takeover of Ohio’s Medicaid eligibility process.  He only accepted certain federal funds under Obamacare to ensure coverage for 600,000 Ohio residents under the program.  That decision was a financial one to save Ohio money by ensuring that those uninsured could received the health and medical care they need.

“Gov. Kasich supports Common Core.”  FALSE.

Gov. Kasich supports returning federal education programs to the statesHe also supports vouchers and charter schools.  At his core and most relevant to the common core issue, Gov. Kasich is a staunch supporter of the 10th amendment. In fact at the core of his entire platform is returning power to the states. “If I were president, I’d take 104 federal programs, bundle them into four buckets, and send them back to the states, because fixing schools rests at the state and the local level, and particularly at the school board

“Gov. Kasich caused the 2008 financial crash as an employee of Lehman Bros.”  FALSE.

Gov. Kasich did not work on Wall Street.  He was an employee in a two person Lehman satellite office in Ohio, and he credits this experience with helping him to understand business and how it operates:  “I learned how entrepreneurs worked; I learned how boards of directors think.”

“Gov. Kasich won’t appoint conservative judges.”  FALSE.

Gov. Kasich is the only candidate with experience appointing conservative judges.  As a governor, he has extensive experience with judicial appointments at all levels of the judiciary in Ohio, including appointing Judith French to the Supreme Court of Ohio in 2012.  His judicial appointment philosophy is reflected in his appointment of now Justice Judith L. French, who stated that the Ohio Supreme Court is the “backstop” to enacted Republican policies and emphasized the importance of Republican conservative appointees.


“Gov. Kasich isn’t really a conservative.”  FALSE.

Gov. Kasich, unlike other candidates, is a lifelong Republican and has a proven track record of implementing conservative ideals successfully.  He cut taxes, increased jobs through the free market, cut bureaucratic red tape, balanced the federal budget, brought jobs back from overseas, returned educational control to the state and local levels and enabled parent choice with vouchers and charter schools, respects the sanctity of life, supports our veterans, and protects the Second Amendment. Gov. Kasich has been endorsed by the NRA with an “A” rating.

I look forward to learning more about your positions on the candidates for presidential nominee.  For ease of reply, please feel free to email me with your response.  Please also feel free to contact me if you’d like to learn more about why I support Gov. Kasich.  Thank you for your time.

Ron W. Beitler
5540 Lower Macungie Rd.
Macungie, PA 18062
(610) 762 2684


1 See http://www.politifact.com/ohio/statements/2016/apr/04/trusted-leadership-pac/no-george-soros-not-bankrolling-john-kasichs-campa/

2 See https://www.johnkasich.com/healthcare/ (“Obamacare is the Wrong Diagnosis and Must Be Repealed and Replaced” (emphasis in original)).

3 See https://www.johnkasich.com/education/ (“Education is Local; No Federal Learning Standards” (emphasis in original)). 

4 See http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2015-07-22/john-kasich-says-his-time-at-lehman-brothers-helped-him-understand-how-business-works

5 See http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2014/10/27/justice-french-defends-comments.html

BOC Agenda Preview 4/7

FYI: All township BOC meetings are available on video online the next day at www.lowermac.com
You can also always watch them live on Channel 66 on RCN cable.

There will be an executive session prior to the mtg tonight to talk about litigation and real estate. I will provide an update on the real estate issue after tonight’s meeting. As much information as I can give I want to do so.

Announcements & Presentations:
The developers of Hamilton Crossings will be present tonight to provide an update on the major development project.

Last year I voted against the corporate welfare public funding of the project, but generally supported the land development. Although, I believe we could have required more stringent design guidelines. The TIF funding passed despite my objections 3-2. Even without the TIF developers rec’d 10 million dollars in state grants. Only $6.6 million of the total capital cost of $139 million is the subject of the TIF debate. About 5% of the total. This project would almost certainly still have proceeded without the township giveaway.

We will also get an update from the library board. This is regularly scheduled.

We have a letter from Upper Milford Twp. inviting us to a joint meeting of the UM supervisors and open space committee. Both as a Twp. Commissioner and a member of the Lehigh County Farmland Preservation board, I plan on attending this and thank UM for the invitation. The preservation of open space is a regional concern.

We have two letters from residents urging us to continue to preserve and protect open space. Although multiple elections have given us clear mandates and direction it’s nice to hear we are on the right track.

We have a letter from resident and chair of the walkways subcommittee to recall a number of walkway deferrals in multiple locations throughout the township. What this means is that either during a land development, or a subdivision a requirement to complete a sidewalk was deferred. This is not a waiver. A deferral means the twp. can call in the waiver at an appropriate time. It’s an obligation that could have been required immediately but was postponed by the township. Mr. Palmquist believes that time is now. I tend to agree. This will be an interesting conversation. Our policy is to no longer give deferrals in most cases.

We have a letter from a developer of a proposed shopping center on the Eastern Industries site. This would be the 3rd major shopping center of the past few years. The center can be built by right but has some serious access constraints. The developer is requesting the township endorse an application to study the problem with PennDot. At yesterdays Planning and Zoning Committee I expressed a number of concerns.

We have recommendations to appoint 3 residents to various boards and commissions. I want to thank these 3 volunteers. Interested in serving? Fill out the volunteer application form!

We are continuing to restrict dangerous truck turning movements on Schoeneck, Quarry and Creamery.
Unfortunately, the process takes a frustratingly long time because we have to work through PennDOT. Tonight we will advertise Rt. 100 and Schoeneck restrictions. I continue to be disappointed by how this is taking.

Rt. 100 corridor study. See my thoughts here. This is a warning not a roadmap.

Authorization to draft and advertise official map. This was a goal of mine. We are one step closer. More information here.

Award of proposal for Act. 209 study. This is the process to update the townships traffic impact fee plan. I’m going to try to write a post about this in the coming days.



Stop crowing about warehouse projects

Read today another real estate group and other economic development professionals crowing about another warehouse project along I78. They talk glowingly about the “hundreds of jobs” the project is forecasted to bring. (these forecasts usually end up being low, do not break down full time vs. part time and sometimes are inflated with temporary construction jobs.)

That being said giving the promoters of the project the benefit of the doubt and assuming this project will create 600 full time permanent jobs. . .  Let’s #Dothemath and stop looking at job counts alone in a vacuum.  We also must account for revenues, expenses, assets (land) and long term taxpayer liabilities. To do this we look at community return on investment. 

Returns on investments – New Hamburg Commerce Park
Acres of land consumed: 200 acres mostly lost farmland.
Total Jobs: 600
Jobs/acre of land lost: 3 jobs per acre
Municipal revenue per acre: Unknown but based on Lower Mac comps very low.
Municipal liabilities per acre: High impact.

Warehouses generate very low jobs and revenue per acre. What a community does get... freight traffic which is a very expensive public liability.

Warehouses generate very low jobs and revenue per acre. What a community does get… freight traffic which is a very expensive public liability.

To compare let’s take a Lower Macungie manufacturing facility. I usually use Mack Trucks to demonstrate but this time let’s use our newest facility Smooth-on.

Returns on investments – Smooth On 
Acres of land: 12 acres. A reuse of an unused existing facility in a mixed use walkable neighborhood. This transition required no new infrastructure and no municipal taxpayer dollars. (I excluded the parking lot which is a separate parcel and will be redeveloped into employee housing reducing employee trips to and from the facility as an added bonus)
Total Jobs: 150
Jobs/Acre of land: 12 jobs per acre of land (all excellent paying jobs)
Municipal revenue per acre: $242/acre. In Lower Mac this is 2x the ROI of a warehouse.
Municipal liabilities per acre: Low impact.

Smooth on employs 150 people at excellent wages. Large majority full tim positions. Photo from the Morning Call

Smooth on employs 150 people at excellent wages at it’s East Texas facility. Large majority full time positions. Many employees choose to live within walking distance of the facility. Many more will in the future as the company re-develops a vacant parking lot with employee housing. This facility provides fantastic return on investment for Lower Macungie Twp. 
Photo from the Morning Call

Another warehouse project. Another terrible low return and high impact project. *Missing information here is what taxpayer subsidies are being utilized on the Hamberg project. It’s likely there is some kind of assistance. Usually a RCAP grant or something similar. This is almost always the case. If so this makes the equation even more lopsided. I’ll dig a little deeper..

This particular project is outside the Lehigh Valley but it’s the same story. Moving forward our economic development and planning forces (local and regional) must start considering land as the increasingly finite resource it is. That means demanding higher return on investments. Especially when a commodity lost in the exchange is farmland, which is in itself a form of irreplaceable industrial infrastructure. The manufacturing facility example above generates 4-5x the return on investment in even the most conservative ballpark estimate. We’ve got to seek higher value development.

*Disclaimer – As always, logistics operations were always in the cards for our region. This is because of geography and highway access. My problem is I worry we have already lost balance and will go far beyond a certain critical mass our infrastructure can reasonably support. It boils down to a financial and impact equation. Financial solvency is a prerequisite for long term prosperity. We have not been and still are not doing the math. If we don’t expect to repeat this 20 years from now

Rt. 100 corridor study is warning, not a roadmap.

Earlier this year at the request of the Board the township engineer prepared a report evaluating anticipated traffic impacts and associated liabilities resulting from three potential development scenarios of Rt. 100. They range from least to most intense.

To summarize:
Under the current scenario because of decisions made by the prior board including two ill advised rezoning decisions, both in conflict with comprehensive plans, corridor congestion will increase. Including an exponential freight volume increase.

However, the worst case scenario can still be avoided. That is, if the township stops rezoning land for more development and stays on track with land preservation and smart growth goals. We’re making progress. Most recently we put in motion plans to preserve 66 acres of farmland off Rt. 100. If this property is preserved we will take 75 homes and 100,000 SF of commercial off the table. By preserving today, we avoid traffic liabilities tomorrow. The way I see it, this corridor study is not a roadmap, but rather a warning. If we go off the rails again, we certainly end up with Rt. 100 the same as Fogelsville. What happens will be determined over the next 6 years.

Rt. 100 is going to get more traffic. But we can still avoid this.

Rt. 100 is going to get more traffic. But we can still avoid this.

Below are two engineering representations of additional capacity improvements needed under our current situation and under the worst case scenario. 

Current Scenario:
Improvements slated to be built:
Rt. 100 and Weilers
-Left turn lane off Weilers Rd and Rt. 100 and a right turn lane off Rt. 100 onto Weilers Rd.  Both associated with Jaindl Spring Creek Warehouses.

Rt. 100 and Spring Creek Rd.
– Additional eastbound and southbound turn lanes, additional northbound through lanes and additional westbound shadow lanes. All associated with Jaindl Spring Creek Warehouses.

Sauerkraut Ln. Extension. (connect Sauerkraut all the way “through” to Spring Creek Rd. Associated with Jaindl Spring Creek properties warehouses to give tractor trailers another way “out” to Rt. 100.

Schoeneck Rd. and Rt. 100 re-alignment. (New Traffic signal) – To address existing safety concerns related to freight traffic.

New signalization of Gehman and Rt. 100. New signalization and turn lanes on Rt. 100 and Willow. Associated with “Grandview” crossings. (Allen Organ supermarket and apartments)

FullSizeRender (27)

Current situation – Includes these approved but not yet online land developments: -Jaindl Spring Creek Properties 4,785,000 SF of high cube warehousing. (result of 2010 rezoning) -Allen Organ supermarket and apartments – Grocery Store, fueling station and 200+ apartments. Rezoning approved by prior board. – Stonehill Meadows – 109 single family homes. Major upgrades will have to be made, but the roadway still avoids the character of Rt. 100 through Upper Macungie. 

The worst case scenario – Traffic Armageddon. 
Additional green, blue and white improvements outlined below are associated with the worst case scenario. This represents a roadway similar in character to Rt. 100 through Fogelsville. Along with it would come a major decline in quality of life and massive public liabilities that will fall on the backs of township taxpayers. This will happen unless the township remains serious about preservation. It totally depends on leadership maintaining it’s backbone.

This represents the worse case scenario. A sequence of 9 traffic signals. 4 lanes. Highway geometry. This represents full development of nearly entire corridor. Millions of dollars of needed capital improvements. All of which will have to be permanently maintained by Lower Macungie Twp. The look and feel of Rt. 100 in this scenario would be much like that in Upper Macungie.


I’m a John Kasich supporter. But will be an anti Trump voter.

I am a John Kasich supporter but I will be an anti Trump voter. I support Kasich for a number of reasons. But this post isn’t necessarily about that. Two points below demonstrate where my head is at. 

First, Donald Trump is truly running an absolutely deplorable, despicable and vile campaign. Today he posted this juvenile twitter attack on Ted Cruz’s…. wife. On the left is Trump’s tweet. On the right Cruz’s response. I am not in love with Ted Cruz but I will certainly vote for him in the Republican primary if it means stopping Trump. This is truly becoming embarrassing with the Donald. Each day it’s new lows. His conduct is insulting to the office he seeks.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 2.20.21 PMNext, we have this excerpt from the now released Washington Post transcript of their recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump in his own words explains to you what China is doing in the S. China Sea. What follows is a collection of incoherent gibberish. This man is totally and completely unqualified for the position he seeks. He has no idea what he is doing and that is very dangerous. Both in pure qualifications but also personality and temperament the man is not qualified for the Presidency.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 2.22.15 PMIn some ways I get the frustration. Even the anger. I really do. And Trump has masterfully cashed in on it. I do believe his campaign has raised important issues to the forefront. I honestly do. Fundamental problem remains that he just doesn’t temperament, personality or requisite experience to be our commander in Chief. These two most recent items amplify that fact. Bottom line is I don’t like, respect or most important trust this man. So for me it’s #NeverTrump. No way. No scenario. I can never vote against my conscience. 

Agenda Preview 3/17/16

Happy St. Patricks Day!

All township BOC meetings are available on video online the next day at www.lowermac.com
You can also always watch them live on Channel 66 on RCN cable.

Announcements & Presentations:
We originally had two presentations scheduled for tonight however the Hamilton Crossings update has been pushed back to the 4/7/16 meeting.

The other presentation on the agenda is the LVPC update on the Southwest Lehigh Comprehensive Plan Update.  If you cannot make it tonight for the update, we have all sorts of information here on the Plan Southwest Lehigh County Website!

Mark down these future dates to get engaged! So far over 1000 regional residents have either participated via survey or in person. We’ve had excellent public participation and feedback.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 4.46.46 PM

Under communication from the community a couple items of note:

First a thank you to Representative Ryan Mackenzie:

From the letter below: “I previously spoke with Commissioner Beitler about this issue. After our conversation, I reviewed HB 1683 and became a co-sponsor. I believe this bill will aid local governing bodies in recruiting and retaining volunteer first responders” – Ryan Mackenzie

This bill (HB1683) would allow us to give property tax credits to first responders including our volunteer fireman. I thank Ryan for his co-sponsorship. I’ll follow this and other similar bills closely and continue to be an advocate. Looking forward to working with Senator Pat Browne also on this issue.

Recruitment and retention of volunteer fire fighters is vital. Although we are in good shape today according to a recent fire study more incentives for recruitment and retention will ensure we remain in a good position. We depend on hard working and dedicated first responders on a daily basis to protect residents and properties.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 4.55.44 PM

Next a note a thoughtful letter from resident Julie McDonnel on the issue of whether or not to hire an in-house township engineer. This has been an ongoing conversation. To be honest, I’m still undecided on this issue. There are alot of pro’s and con’s. Julie outlines alot of items to be considered.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 4.59.32 PMLast letter of note is from the LMT Library director. Kathee Rhode. The library is considering becoming a distribution point for a local CSA. I think this is an interesting idea worth considering. What’s a CSA? Learn here. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for consumers to buy local, seasonal produce directly from a farmer in their community.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.03.34 PM

Departmental and committee reports
We have 4 ordinances for consideration tonight. 3 deal with freight traffic:
1. Restricting Trucks on Creamery Rd. – You may have seen a guide rail was recently taken out by a truck attempting to turn on Creamery. No excuse for an 18 wheeler to be on this road. This ordinance is a no brainer. As we have to live with unfortunate decisions to increase warehousing made by prior boards we’ll have to continue working towards ensuring freight stays on appropriate routes.

2. Adding no parking zones on Industrial way. This is a safety and site distance issue that was brought up by the business owners along the roadway.

3. No parking on Gehman Rd. This was coming regardless as part of the Allen Organ development but was expedited at the request of PennDOT.

The last ordinance deals with tweaking and amending a couple SALDO standards. First, we are reducing the front yard setbacks in our commercial zone. This allows for better smart growth design allowing for friendlier neighborhood commercial design. This allows parking to be located to the side and rear of buildings. Visually that means…


Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.17.19 PM







Eliminating arbitrary regulations like excessive setbacks + working with developers on design standards means higher quality development.

Eliminating arbitrary regulations like excessive setbacks + working with developers on design standards means higher quality development.









Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.17.58 PM

A strip mall is categorized by large expanses of parking lot. Reduces setbacks gives developers the option to build more attractive neighborhood commercial designs.


Lower Mac’s all of the above Farmland Preservation strategy

I ran for Twp. Commissioner very clearly on a platform focused on farmland and open space preservation. In addition to protecting an irreplaceable natural resource I also believe preservation is linked to the health of our schools, keeping taxes low, protecting property values and our quality of life.  Want to keep taxes low? Preserve open space. With about half my term over I wanted to write a post highlighting what we’ve accomplished.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 9.58.56 PM
Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to be a panelist at Renew LV’s #saveitorpave it luncheon. I was very proud to be invited to overview the townships efforts. Here is what I shared with a room of about 75 local leaders and advocates. In the last two years Lower Mac has gone from throwing in the towel to having what I believe is one of the most aggressive and comprehensive preservation strategies in the Valley. 

Lower Mac’s 6 pronged strategy. Using all the tools in the toolbox.

#1 The township is about to adopt an official map.
This was a goal outlined in my campaign. An official map is a combined map & ordinance designed to implement the goals and community vision set forth in adopted comprehensive plans. Basically if a preservation priority is on a municipal official map, once a developer notifies the municipality of their intention to subdivide, the municipality has up to a year to confirm its acquisition interest and negotiate to acquire the land. This will be the townships first line of defense. It makes sure the township has a fighting chance to preserve a property while respecting private property rights.

Learn more here – What is an official map.

#2 Zoning
We learned the hard way that zoning alone is not enough to protect our community. For over two decades the township relied primarily on agricultural protection zoning to preserve large swaths of prime farmland.

We all now know that an unfortunate number of circumstances combined in 2010 with a very pro developer Board of Commissioners and resulted in the loss of 700 acres of farmland that was for over two decades zoned protected. Zoning is one tool to keep in the toolbox, but zoning alone cannot be relied on to permanently protect farmland. It is not permanent and it is political. The wrong board can overturn protection zoning.

To this end the township planning commission has been instructed to work on a new conservation by design ordinance. Locations where growth is inevitable; smarter growth is the goal. Conservation by Design provides the opportunity for adding land to a community-wide network of open space. It manages growth while protecting natural and cultural resources for little or no public cost. It differs from traditional cluster developments in that it establishes higher standards for both the quantity and quality of open space.

Sprawl zoning on the left eats up all the open space. Conservation zoning on the right preserves and protects open space and natural features.

Sprawl zoning on the left eats up all the open space. Conservation zoning on the right preserves and protects open space and natural features.

#3 The County Farmland Preservation Program. Lower Macungie now has 4 more properties with active applications in the county farmland preservation program! The county program purchases developments. When this happens enrolled properties are permanently protected farms. If all the farms with active applications are selected and preserved we could have nearly 300 more acres of protected farmland in Lower Macungie Twp by 2017. An important part of this strategy is identifying potential tracts and making sure owners are informed about preservation opportunities and benefits.

A 5th farm property went through the final step to preservation earlier this year. We now have an additional 55 acres of new preserved farmland off of Mountain Rd.

Lower Macungie commits funds to preserve 55-acre Heim farm

#4 Funding
I believe in market preservation. This means compensating landowners for their development rights or outright acquisition. To do this we need to fund programs. In the 2016 budget the township did this with a 500,000 line item and an additional 150,000 we can leverage with the county municipal match program. Muni match is a pilot program championed by County Commissioner Percy Dougherty and modeled after the very successful Northampton County program of the same type.

Turning 200,000 to 800,000 for farmland preservation. 

#5 Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) is a market-based program that allows landowners to sell or transfer development rights from one property to a developer or landowner of another property who can use those rights to increase density of development.

In the case below we have a 200 acre agriculture property on our draft official map designated for preservation. Since the same landowner owns a 16 acre property that’s in an area designated for some targeted mixed use or village center density we can take advantage a TDR to transfer density to a more appropriate location. The result is promoting both the townships smart growth and preservation goals at the same time.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 9.45.40 PM

Family and township pursue transfer of development rights to protect 200 acre farm

6. Act 4 reauthorization
Farmers and farmland generate a surplus of .75 cents on every dollar of taxes collected. This means farms pull their weight. And act 4 let’s us give them a break on tax increases.

Years ago Act 4 amended Pennsylvania’s Open Space Lands Act to allow counties, school districts and municipalities to reward landowners who have chosen to permanently preserve their land with conservation easements by freezing their property tax millage rates.

Lower Macungie, East Penn School District and Lehigh County all have Act 4 tax freezes instituted. End of last year we sent a letter to the Lehigh County Admin and Commissioners encouraging them to re-authorize Act 4. This means as an incentive to preserve, once a farm is in permanent protection landowners get a permanent tax freeze. This also helps farmers remain viable from a business perspective by shielding them from school property tax increases. This is a fair trade since in most cases by not developing their land they are helping to avoid over crowded schools. 

Movie Tavern Field Trip to Exton.

A new Movie Tavern is being proposed as part of a small shopping center (small compared to Hamilton Crossings that is) on the Boulevard. The location is behind the Texas Roadhouse & Hamilton Animal Care.

Few key points:
1.) This area is zoned commercial. However, we’re forced to consider this proposal under a very old ordinance. That’s unfortunate since standards have gotten better over the years. I will say that the developer has been working with us to ensure better quality. The township appreciates that. A partnership is important. We set a new bar with Hamilton Crossings. Personally, I hope that over time we raise that bar even higher.

2.) According to multiple adopted comprehensive plans this is the appropriate location for commercial development in the township. Infrastructure already exists along the corridor. Major investments in the bypass were already made. Smart growth is building where public investments have already been made. While we should (and we are) working to preserve farmland and open space aggressively elsewhere in the township, this is the corridor where we must capture value. I think we can do a better job, but this is another step in the right direction in a more positive progression.

These are just a few of the latest moves we’ve made towards land preservation in the township:
Turning $200,000 into $800,000 for farmland preservation
Lower Macungie Preserves 55 acre farm

3.) We are early in the land development process. The developers were in front of the planning commission for the first time this past Tuesday. Long way to go and plenty of opportunity for public comment. One outstanding issue is protection of the stately and historic sycamore trees along Hamilton.

Whenever we get an anchor for a new development I take little field trips to check out similar design. In this case we have the same Movie Tavern prototype  nearby in Exton PA. Main St. Exton is an excellent neighborhood commercial center.  Movie Tavern one of it’s Main Anchors. Here are some photos I snapped:


The developer could ask for a variance to construct an LED marquee like Exton.

This design was created specifically for the Exton Shopping center. Movie Tavern had to make a new design to comply with West Whiteland Township’s very strict design guidelines. It was then copied in Flourtown, PA. And now is proposed here in Lower Mac. It’s a much better design in my opinion than the boilerplate Movie Tavern.


Brick patio and public plaza


Streetscaping elements throughout the shopping center are part of a coordinated design.


The Movie Tavern in Exton is a “3-sided” building. This is a good design characters. No walls visible from the public areas are blank.

The Movie Tavern in Exton is a "3-sided" building. This is a good design characters. No walls visible from the public areas are blank.

The Movie Tavern in Exton is a “3-sided” building. This is a good design characters. No walls visible from the public areas are blank.


Sycamore Trees and the Trexler Business Center

Lots of feedback on the Hamilton Boulevard Sycamore issue on social media. The Morning Call did a good piece that raised awareness. I wanted to reiterate to those concerned that township staff, planning committee and planning commissions position on the sycamores is that they must be preserved and protected.

The legacy of the sycamores is an invaluable asset to the corridor and the township. That cannot be stressed enough. They are without question the defining characteristic of the area. The historic tree canopy must be protected as a natural and historic resource. In this case the shopping center developer is also in agreement with us.

The problem remains PennDOTs requirement for a highway scaled deceleration lane. Beyond the tree issue the deceleration lane is also problematic on other levels as well. It directly conflicts with the vision laid out in the LMT/UMT corridor study that lays out a vision for a Boulevard concept. I’ve written alot about the need to de-stroadify the Boulevard & “bypass“. When we have PennDOT officials referring to the Boulevard as a “highway” in quotes in the papers to me that demonstrates that we have a fundamental disconnect.

In making argument against the deceleration lan, in our favor is that just down the street a we fought off a highway scaled deceleration lane associated with Hamilton Crossings. This was done to protect the LMTHS log home at Wescosville park. So here we have an almost identical situation except this shopping center is smaller.

Below, is the township planners review letter. In it you can read about a number of concerns with this project as a whole including the sycamore issue. The letter marks the beginning of the land development process. Review letters are completed by the township zoning officer, planner and engineer very early in the process to outline concerns.  We hope to work with the developer to address them.

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