The #PleaseStand super bowl ad the NFL rejected.

Below is a link to the veterans ad the NFL won’t allow in the Super Bowl program.

I’m a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles Fan and will be watching the Super Bowl, cheering for my favorite team. I was proud when the Eagles did not organize any team wide kneeling during the season.

Player kneeling from the beginning has been counterproductive, serving only as a barrier to any kind of productive conversation. Yes, we have injustices in this Nation but those important conversations got lost. Kneeling only served as a wedge to divide us.
I was again disappointed to see that the NFL will not allow AMVETS National Headquarters to place this simple 1 page ad in the Super Bowl program. American Veterans is the nation’s most inclusive veterans service organization. Their intent was to simply bring the anthem back to what it has come to symbolize above all else. That being the values that unite us, rather than divide us. Those values include respect for those who sacrifice.


Also, consider a 20 dollar tax deductible donation to the organization.
You can do so here. 

One thought on “The #PleaseStand super bowl ad the NFL rejected.

  1. I totally agree with your opinion. Too bad the NFL bends to the Players Gone Wild attitude. If these ignorant well paid players really care, they should donate 50% of their salary to these causes. Of course, this doesn’t happen! I refuse to buy any NFL products, watch any games [except the Eagles] and watch their corrupt football channel.

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