Vote YES on Nov. 7th property tax referendum.

Below is a letter to the editor that will be published in the Morning Call next week. Lower Mac uses homestead today, and I’m advocating for us to increase it to 100% if this referendum passes. This means we would effectively eliminate the township property tax for residential homes.


Vote YES on Nov. 7th property tax referendum.

On November 7th, Pennsylvanians will have the opportunity to vote on a referendum to reform property taxes through the state’s homestead exclusion program.

This would enable municipalities to exclude up to 100% percent of the assessed value of a home from taxation. Essentially, property tax bills could be reduced to zero. Currently, the homestead exclusion is arbitrarily limited to 50% of median assessed property value.

Lower Macungie now utilizes that maximum 50% homestead exclusion. This allows us to keep our low millage in place to collect revenue from impactful commercial land uses like warehouses and shopping centers while at the same time we can provide much needed tax relief to homeowners.

If the referendum and corresponding legislation is passed, Lower Macungie will be able to eliminate the entire residential property tax for every qualifying residential household.

Today, 1100 of our lowest income households pay no property tax because of our use of Homestead. A good start but it’s my hope we can eliminate the property tax for all households. A yes, vote would give us the local control to do just that.

Note, the referendum has bi-partisan support across the aisle. This is a no-brainer. Please vote yes on Nov. 7th.

Ron Beitler – Vice President Lower Macungie Twp. Board of Commissioners