Fogelsville warehouse, restaurant and hotel sketch 

This project is not in Lower Mac but it’s of interest for a number of reasons. First, this directly deals with the proposed Adams Rd. interchange.  And second, since it shows a demand for smaller (but still very highly impactful) warehouses. Something other communities should monitor carefully. Even though each individual unit is small, the cumulative impact of having a number of them built on the same corridor is still significant. Something to watch closely. We should anticipate the same demand in Lower Mac and plan accordingly. When land becomes sparser for the mega facilities we have to be careful we don’t start getting these types projects.

This demonstrates why it’s important to not only pay close attention to what’s going on in our community but also our neighbors. Here is some newspaper coverage

The sketch referred to in the article wasn’t included in any of the articles so I went down to the Upper Mac township building filled out a quick right to know form and got a copy.  (see below) I want to say, this only took a few minutes. And the front desk lady was extremely nice and helpful.

There are a couple things to note:
1.) Adams Rd. interchange. This signals what many felt was going to be a problem. The new 30 million interchange is being proposed as an “outlet valve” to address existing traffic issues. This will certainly be paid for with state and federal dollars. The issue becomes if the area around the proposed new interchange is allowed to be built up with additional high impact uses we end up with the same problems. This cycle is called induced demand. And it’s a concern. The Adams Rd. interchange is a regionally important project. It’s on Upper Macungie to make sure it functions as it’s intended by influencing what gets built near it. That is to make sure it fixes existing issues. Not to induce more high impact projects. We want to solve the problem. Not create a whole host of new problems.

2.) This is not a good plan. Uninspiring. Encroaches on the Village of Fogelsville. Very heavy traffic generation. Highly impactful. That being said, this area is zoned for development. So the question isn’t stopping growth, it’s what eventually gets built. My opinion is what would work very nicely here is a traditional neighborhood development residential project. An excellent low impact neighborhood friendly fit for the area. Think of it as a project that would expand and compliment the existing character of Fogelsville instead of encroaching onto and straining it. Assume something will be built here. The question is what?

I’m very interested how conversations are going with Upper Mac planners and the development team. This isn’t in Lower Mac. But the Adams Rd. interchange and development that happens around it will impact us.