Brief agenda tonight – Just a few action items.

Not going to do a full agenda preview in the same format as usual. There just aren’t that many action items tonight. Here is a link to the agenda.

Just a couple notes:
1.) We got word that a brake retarder prohibition was approved by PennDOT on Trexlertown Rd. and Spring Creek. Now the question I’m sure we’ll get is: “Well, aren’t those roads now restricted to trucks anyway?” Good question. The answer is yes, but only to trucks greater than 28 ft long. (I have to check to make sure that’s the length) That means other small trucks that still might be equipped with brake retarders (like say a dump truck) could still use the roads. And therefore the restriction would apply. So this is good news. We will post this restriction in the next few weeks and let the PSP know so they can enforce. 

2.) There is a land development hearing for a Mack Trucks expansion. Very happy to work with one of our biggest employers. Even though Mack is on a cyclical downturn now we’re helping them prepare for the next up-turn. The operation will be much more efficient because of these plant upgrades. This is a good plan. I support it. 

That’s really all there is that’s either new or action item for tonight. Since this is an abbreviated preview then what I normally do just let me know if you have any questions on anything not mentioned.