2016 – Millage/Homestead by the numbers

*Relating to 2016 proposed budget – Under the proposed .50 millage and 50% homestead – By the numbers.

Of 11,610 households in Lower Macungie:
Around 90% of all households will see an overall reduction in their property tax bill over the last two years since homestead program began.
(10,052 households)

About 50% of households will see tax bill reductions two years in a row.
(5894 households)

Approximately 10% of households will have a 0 dollar LMT property tax bill.
(1095 households)

About 9% (only those over about 345,000 assessed value) will see a small net increase since homestead enacted.
*%’s rounded & with assumption that 100% enrolls in homestead program.
**Household statistics from Lehigh County assessment office.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 3.00.34 PM

Less taxpayer subsidies for warehouses.
So while 90% of households will pay less twp. taxes in 2016 then they were in 2014, Industrial warehouses which cause massively expensive township liabilities will pay a more proportionate share.

2014 Warehouse assessed at 24,000,0000 paid – $8000
2016 Warehouse assessed at 24,000,000 will pay – $12,000

Still far under the valley average, but a more proportionate share in line with impacts. Better positioning the township to deal with issues such as traffic, stormwater management and potential (should we have to) new police force.