Heydt right choice for Lehigh County Republicans

Former Allentown Mayor William Heydt was nominated for County Chair tonight at the LCRC organization meeting. At the June 24th election meeting he will replace outgoing Chair Wayne Woodman who stepped down in May.

This is a good move for the party. The fact it happened without any contention is important. In a time when partisan bickering has turned off voters from both parties particularly younger ones at a record clip a show of unity is refreshing. By nominating a consensus builder we can hopefully draw more talented people into a bigger tent. That is how you win elections.

Half of millennials now identify as independents up from 38 percent in 2004…….. highest levels of political disaffiliation the the Pew Research Center has recorded for any generation in its 25 years of polling. Read more

Its important voters in the city core have choices at the ballot box. This past November in Allentown the county party under Woodman failed to field a candidate for Mayor or Council. Many share a theory it was perhaps by design. I don’t know whether that’s true or not but regardless its bad for the city. Whether Republican, Democrat or Independent most reasonable people would agree choice and dialogue are valuable parts of a good democracy.

We simply shouldn’t have unopposed elections in a major city like Allentown. Regardless what you think of the Mayor there shouldn’t be Kings. The fact that an underfunded Independent candidate did so well relatively speaking shows people want the dialogue created by choice.

What better person to help identify and cultivate quality city candidates and bring right of center viewpoints and perspective into the urban conversation than the last Republican Mayor of Allentown? Great move by the LCRC.

Right of center ideas like the market urbanism concepts championed over at www.smartgrowthforconservatives.com are important for the dialogue in our urban cores.