Time to weigh in on Hamilton Crossings is now.

When I ran for office a promise I made was that I would do everything I could to let residents know important decisions were being made before they were made.

There is no doubt Hamilton Crossings is a huge issue. The township is being asked to defer 50% of future revenue over a 20 year period. The developer is seeking this money to pay back bonds needed to build the property.

On March 29th I outlined my thoughts as they stood on the issue. Here is a link to the op-ed. This was an effort by me to ensure residents were aware that no decision was made. Over the last 2 weeks I’ve gotten dozens of emails and phone calls. It’s my hope in the next week and a half we get many more.

Now is the time to weigh in. Whether you are for or against the project. for or against the TIF financing, for or against creation of the TIF district let us know!

How to voice your opinion?

  1. Write a letter to the LMT Board of Commissioners. This is the easiest way is through the township website contact form: www.lowermac.com NOTE: letters must be rec’d by Monday the 28th at noon to be printed on the formal township agenda. 
  1. The second option is to attend the May 1st hearing which will start at 7pm. (The Hamilton Crossings portion of the meeting will begin at 8pm)

My suggestion is to write and letter and also if possible attend the meeting. This way you will hear the discussion and be able to listen to your elected officials debate the issue. I hope to hear from more of you over the next week and a half.