On Tuesday say no to politics as usual

In an email to his supporters Ryan Conrad writes about the vote in favor of re-implementing a property tax. He writes:

The other candidates in this race have been silent on this issue.  Where do they stand?  Voters deserve an answer.
-Ryan Conrad in a pretty misleading letter to his supporters

Problem is, this is not true. I’ve written about the tax issue at length in many forums. I was in fact THE first candidate to address fiscal sustainability months ago warning voters about the pending increase long before it was on the table.

I  support sustainably low taxes. But I don’t just give lip service. I’ve also laid out the “how”. By not addressing the ‘how’ politicians simply pander for votes and engage in politics as usual.

Mr. Conrad states he is opposed to re-implementing a property tax. The problem is he has provided no roadmap and zero direction on how he plans on keeping taxes sustainably low. I on the other hand have. On Tuesday Conrad and Roger Reis failed to pair ‘no’ votes with further cuts, alternatives they support or systemic changes they would implement to support their positions.

I have done this by outlining a path to fiscal sustainability through smart growth that addresses the root causes:

  • Here via a letter to the editor in the East Penn Press, patch and on my blog.
  • And here overviewing the nuances of the issue.
  • And here as far back as 1 year ago pleading with the BOC to initiate cost and benefit analysis of zoning changes.

I’ve outlined a roadmap grounded in smart growth where we can continue to grow in a financially sustainable way that protects quality of life and leads to increased revenue while avoiding the specter of constantly raising taxes.

Voters in LMT are clearly smart enough to see through ‘politics as usual’. This is how I won the primary even though I was outspent by huge margins in a coordinated campaign that enlisted television ads, fake newsletters and a barrage of robo-calls on voters.

So I ask you one last time, on Tuesday help me finish what we started.