Township is planning a Greenway!

The LMT greenway project team had another public meeting Tuesday Jan.17.

The purpose of the meeting was a progress update as part of a planning commission workshop. For those who might not be aware, the greenway project is a township-wide initiative to create a combined linear park “greenway” and trail along the length of the Little Lehigh and Swabia creeks. The project would total about 20 miles in length including the 6-mile Swabia and 14-mile Little Lehigh sections.

The potential benefits of a trail network are numerous, and include the linking of communities within the township to each other and various points of interest such as schools, parks, historical sites and shopping centers. This bike-able/walkable trail would also potentially increase the land value of adjacent properties.

Also in terms of the greenway, the naturalization of areas surrounding the creeks is beneficial environmentally and also to eliminate areas the township currently spends money maintaining. Returning the creekside area to it’s natural environment with a riparian buffer would have positive impacts on flooding issues, in addition to buffering the creek from neighboring land uses. The Little Lehigh is a crucial component of the local water supply.

So far, maps have been presented for public comment in addition to a public opinion poll that took place in October of 2011. The maps presented indicate a potential routing of the trail system including various opportunities and constraints. You can view the maps and opinion poll here on the township greenway plan website. The beginning of major trail construction is likely several years out as the project is only now in the master planning stage.

As for funding this project, the township has received a grant award of $40,000 from the PA Dept. of conservation and Natural Resources. The township also just received a second grant of $40,000 from DCNR to expand the scope of work to include a Park and Recreation master plan.

KMS design group is working with the township in creation of the master plan.


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